“You show up for us, and we’ll show up for you” – Returning to Becoming by Michelle Obama

This quote is where I stopped reading <i>Becoming</i>, in too much emotional, political, intellectual pain as our country’s contracts, “forged person by person”, were reneged upon, the presidency and administration more full of lies and corruption than I ever believed possible after Obama’s two terms. This is the quote that hurt my heart and pointed to my complete disillusionment with American politics since the 2016 election.

Then this week, Election Day 2020, I started feeling hope again. I picked this copy up, the copy I bought in the Stavanger, Norway airport before flying home to be with my mom as she was dying from cancer, and I began to read again from page 232, starting to believe that good, moral, upstanding people would be returning to the White House, and we will elect our first woman Vice President and will see the first woman of color in line for the presidency.

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