People “What They’re Reading” Report: Keri Russell Wants to Be Paid to Read Books…

Keri Russell
Fig. 1 Keri Russell; "Ms. Approachable 2007: Keri Russell";; 29 Oct. 2007; Web; 13 April 2010.

This was my career goal in 8th grade when my English teacher asked me about my future profession.  I wasn’t terribly specific, just wanted to get paid to read books.  Tada!  I DO get paid to read books, so middle school dream career plan fulfilled.  btw, Keri (see Fig. 1), it’s never too late to go for that Library degree!  She’s reading  the “just exquisite” The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery at the moment of publication, and I’m reading it too (“Star Picks” 55).  For pay.

“Star Picks: What They’re Reading.” People 12 Apr. 2010: 55. Print.

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